Consistency Is The Key

I have gone back through my training log for the past nine weeks to search for information about my training. I have found that I have run nine weeks of 70 miles or more each week. This information you can use to get you ready mentally for your next race. It also gives you that added confidence when you know that you have done the work. This week continued that consistency. I ran 75 miles with my longest run being 15 miles. The long run went great. I averaged between 6:45 to 6:50 pace for the entire run. I also went to Wooster, Ohio to train with my coach Matt Woods and his crew of young distance runners on the track. I did 3 miles at 5:20 pace and felt solid. I hoping to put in another 70 mile week in next week.
I had a few emails asking me about heart monitors and are the worth buying? I believe they are. I have used them consistently over the years. They monitor your current condition and they also help you not to over train. Over the next few weeks I will give you some good info on how to use them to help you get into better shape.
Lets start with accuracy and ease of use. In the old days you had to stop and count for 10 seconds to get your HR and half the time you messed up because you counted to fast or slow. With a heart monitor you simply look down at the watch and gives you a very accurate number. The only negative you may get is the weird look some people may give you if you have your shirt off and they see the strap around your chest. I usually gave those people a wink and they would run.
If you have any questions about running you can post them on my Running Forum or Email me. Until next time, have a Great Run.

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