Starting to Heat Up

The heat is finally back. The temps have been in the mid 80’s and fortunately the humidity is still low. For the next few months I can go out to run with a pair of shorts and shoes. I love this time because you do not have to worry about dressing in layers and it takes lot less time to get ready for a run.
This week I ran 75 miles and felt strong doing it. My long run was 15 miles at a little faster than seven minute pace. I decided to back off on my AT run because of the weather and I ended up running 5 miles at 6:10 pace. I also did a mile repeat workout. I started my first of four repeat miles with a 5:15 mile and ended the workout with a 5:04. There was a two minute and fifteen second rest in between in which I walked around. The workout went great and is definitely a confidence booster.
This weeks question is about eating before a race. I normally wake up about 3 hours before the race and eat two pieces of toast with jelly and water. You need to make sure you eat something that digests easily and contains some carbohydrates. The night before is the most important meal, so make sure you eat good the night before including a lot of pasta. If you have any questions about running you can post them on my Running Forum or Email me. Until next time, have a Great Run.

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