Technical Issues

I am sorry I have not posted for a while, but there has been some computer issues that I have finally taken care of. I will post videos in the near future and get things rolling again.

Training for the week of August 26 with running tips.

My running log the week of August 26th with running and marathon tips included.

Training for the weeks of July 30 to August 12 with running tips.

My running log the weeks of July 30th through August 12 with running and marathon tips included.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Race

This week I ran 66 miles which is drop from my 80 to 85 miles I have been running the last 4 weeks. You want to drop your mileage every three to four weeks to give your body and mind a rest. It also gives your body a chance to adapt to the stress you have been putting on it. My 15 mile run was a success and I ran between 6:30 to 6:40 pace for the run. On Wednesday I ran a 5 mile AT run averaging 6:00 pace. On Sunday I ran the Pro Football Hall of Fame 5 mile race in 26:50. It was a solid performance and feel happy about the results.
Having to race on Sunday I had a youtube viewer ask me how do you pace yourself for a race. First you have to have an overall goal in mind. For example it may be 25 minutes for 5 miles. Once you have this realistic goal decided, by how your training is going you break the time into mile splits. Once you have done that you want to run the entire race within that time frame. So for the time a gave earlier you want to average 5 minutes per mile. The most critical time of a race is the first minutes of the race. Make sure you do not let your emotions get a hold at the start of the race and run even splits. If you have any questions about running you can post them on my Running Forum or Email me. Until next time, have a Great Run.

Technical Difficulties

Sorry about not posting for the last few weeks. I have had technical difficulties with the website. Everything is now up and running. I will give you a quick summary for the last four weeks. My mileage has increased from 75, 80, 80 and this week 85 miles. My first week I was in Florida for vacation and ran easy. July fourth weekend I ran a five mile race in 27:11 and felt solid. The next two weeks I ran a 400 meter workouts on the track. I did between 16 to 18 in 74 seconds with a one minute break. This workout is supposed to help me neuromuscular to get me running faster. I have not run that pace in well over a year now. The other important run is an anaerobic threshold run where I run 6 miles at 5:30 pace. This run is going to help with strength and will help my body with dealing with lactic acid.

I want to continue with the use of a Heart Monitor. When you do easy base mileage you want to have your HR between 135 to 150. This pace is used normally a lot at the beginning of the season. As the season progresses once a week you want to do a medium run which is between 150 to 165. At roughly 167 beats per minute is where your anaerobic threshold is and you should run 4 to 6 miles at this pace. Finally, when your above 170 bpm you are doing shorter runs at faster pace with a rest in between. For example when I do mile repeats I run them at 5:10 pace with a two minute recovery in between. I thing to remember when using a HM during the hot summer you HR will be higher so you have to make some changes because of the heat.
If you have any questions about running you can post them on my Running Forum or Email me. Until next time, have a Great Run.

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